Welcome Message

Over five years ago, in October 2007, BTF started out as a small fish in the big pond. We were one of the many non-profits that are established in the US every year. But as a result of the active participation, encouragement and support of dedicated people like you, we were able to strengthen our commitment to bring about positive change in society by promoting health and education. On behalf of Binaytara Foundation and the people it serves, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous support and your active participation in Binaytara Foundation’s projects. BTF would not have been successful in achieving its goals without your support.


BTF research grants and telemedicine projects purport to transform the way medicine is practiced by encouraging evidence based medicine in developing countries. Through these projects, we are constantly working on improving healthcare practices among physicians, bridging the technology and knowledge gap among physicians in developing and developed countries. Both of these projects have received an overwhelmingly positive response from medical students, residents, and practicing physicians. We constantly receive e-mails and other requests from physicians and institutions around the world to connect to our BTF telemedicine project. We were even more encouraged by the fact that BTF telemedicine project was among the most innovative project finalists in Chicago Innovation award 2010. We also received a Google Grant that allows us to use online tools to recruit volunteers, raise funds, and reach out to millions of people via online advertising. BTF received special invitation to send its representatives to the United Nations Development Project conference in Melbourne in August 2010. It was my honor to be able to represent you all in the UNDP conference last fall.


Our next step is to reach out to even more people. We plan to expand the research grants and telemedicine projects to other countries as well. We also expect to be able to resume the scholarship project in the near future. BTF is organizing medical conferences and educational seminars for physicians in developing countries in order to facilitate an information exchange and to create a practical and long-term solution to the current obstacles to the practice of evidence based medicine in developing countries. I am very optimistic that BTF will continue to receive your support and feedback in its efforts to bring positive changes in people’s lives.

Thank you,

Binay Shah